Soil health

Nemlab’s soil health service is offered through a division of Nemlab called the Soil Health Support Centre.

The Soil Health Support Center provide services that include basic to advanced soil health tests.

These include:

Soil respiration test

The Respiration test measures the amount of CO2 that is produced by the microbes in your soil sample. This number is used to calculate the microbial biomass and the potential Nitrogen that these microbes can release annually. 

Volumetric Aggregate Stability percentage

Microbial activity in the soil produces compounds that act like a glue that help the soil to stay intact. A high volumetric aggregate stability percentage indicates high microbial activity.

Haney analyses

The Haney analyses gives an extensive insight on the condition of the soil. It takes the physical, biological and chemical factors into account.

Community structure (PLFA)

PLFA (phosphorus-derived fatty acids) are used to identify the different organisms that are present in your soil sample and it gives an idea of the structure of the microbial community. A higher diversity and bigger numbers will result in more nutrient cycling in the soil.