Mycorrhiza Test

What does it measure?

This analysis gives an indication whether there are mycorrhizae present or absent.

Relevance to Soil Health?

A healthy soil has a strong Mycorrhizae association between the plants present, be it cover crops or row crops. The Mycorrhizae fungus excretes a gluey substance “glomalin” that binds the soil particles. There are also other glue-producing microbes that live in association with the plant roots. A high “Aggregate stability” reading will therefore indicate a healthy soil.


Conclusions from results?

These results will provide evidence of whether more Mycorrhizae “strong” attracting cover crops, like Sunflower must be introduced into the cover crop mix. It will also give an indication whether the application of a product (containing mycorrhizae) did it’s job and colonisation of the crop plants took place.