Insect analyses

We offer a range of insect analyses, including the counting of traps for mealybugs and thrips. We also analyse samples for any insects or mites, including bud mite (grapevine, citrus, blueberry, etc.), margarodes and phylloxera.

Insect and mite identification can also be done.

Handling of samples:

Wrap plant material in newspaper and place into a plastic bag and seal. 

If insects can be picked, pick at least 20 and place into a small bottle with alcohol. 

Wrap sticky traps in cling film and put into large paper envelope. Other traps can also be placed into a sealed envelope or brown paper bag. 

Send samples on the same day as collection.  

NB: Include a completed submission form and attach it to the outside of the bag.  Do not mix different samples (i.e. blocks, treatments etc., keep separately).