PRICE LIST (valid from 1 January to 31 December 2020) 


Routine nematode analyses

Apples, pears and persimmons (soil & roots)

Citrus (soil & roots)

Vines, stone fruit, nuts, kiwi’s, annual crops, etc

Cyst nematode (brassicas, potatoes, figs, hops, carrots)

Xiphinema index (grapevine only)

Bio-indicator / Community profile analysis

Community profile only

Community profile + routine soil analysis

Community profile + routine soil and root analysis



Mycorrhizal colonisation test

Phylloxera analysis

Grapevine bud mite and bud fruitfulness analyses

Bud fruitfulness (per bud) (10 shoots with 16 buds per shoot)

Bud mite analysis (per Ha – 12 shoots with 6 buds each)


Courier costs handling fee




R 650

R 550

R 405

R 405

R 405


R 540

R 720

R 930


R 690

R 455

R 270


R 7

R 400

Price on request

R 55